From a working-class kid in a poor ethnic community in Chicago Heights, to a phenomenally successful entrepreneur, Jerry Colangelo has demonstrated what is possible when you make your dreams a reality.  As the first person in his family and in the neighborhood to go to college, Colangelo did what millions did before and since: Learn how to build something out of nothing.  Throughout his storied career as a professional sports executive, Jerry Colangelo has succeeded with a unique combination of passion and perserverance, both on the basketball court and on the business side of operations. Many business analogies can be made by drawing on sports experiences.Colangelo’s personal achievements entertain, amaze, and challenge his audiences to understand that our only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. Mr. Colangelo’s innovative speaking abilities were born out of insights  from personal and business experiences.  The combination is a powerful mix of engaging examples and motivational advice that enables individuals to build their enthusiasm for productive change, life-long learnings, and exceptional values.

Whether you operate in the corporate sector, public sector or professional association arena, you are sure to gain energy and momentum from his compelling insights on the personal and business landscape.

Speech topics include:

  • Creating your own Dream Team
  • Leadership: Making and Becoming a Great Leader
  • Overcoming Business and Personal Challenges
  • The Do’s and the Don’ts of Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching to win
  • Finding your inner strength
  • Negotiate honorably–and still get what you need
  • Forge powerful and profitable partnerships with corporate sponsors and local government
  • Ensure that business is a good friend to its community, earning respect and increasing prosperity for everyone
  • Handle the media deftly, with its double-edged potential as dangerous foe or powerful advocate.

To inquire about Jerry Colangelo for speaking engagements, as a keynote presenter, or special event host, contact:

Jennifer Gray
Public Relations and Media Information for Jerry Colangelo
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