Return of the Gold

RETURN OF THE GOLD shares compelling stories of Jerry Colangelo’s life experiences and his Olympic basketball journey. This journey included working for the Gold Medal with incredible players of the Redeem Team such as: Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Colangelo states, “It’s meant to serve as encouragement for people trying to make it. I share personal experiences about reaching for the stars and not being afraid to fail. Second, it’s a strong look at leadership and building a company. It serves as a textbook in how you rebuild and restructure.”

How you Play the Game: Lessons for Life from the Billion-Dollar Business of Sports by Jerry Colangelo, Len Sherman

HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME delivers an intriguing story filled with lessons for business and life. Colangelo shares some business components on team building, leadership and personal development. How You Play the Game tells Colangelo’s story, while it weaves in valuable lessons on
bookhow to:

  • Negotiate honorably–and still get what you need;
  • Forge powerful and profitable partnerships with corporate sponsors and local government;
  • Ensure that business is a good friend to its community, earning respect and increasing prosperity for everyone;
  • Handle the media deftly, with its double-edged potential as dangerous foe or powerful advocate.

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