#8: Jerry Colangelo:  Colangelo became the first general manager for the expansion Phoenix Suns in 1968. The team went on to qualify for the playoffs in 24 of the 36 years that Colangelo was in the front office.

Few in professional sports had a résumé as diverse as Jerry Colangelo’s. He was an assistant with the Chicago Bulls who became the first general manager of the expansion Suns, then came to own the Phoenix franchise, as well as the W.N.B.A.’s Mercury and baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks.

Michael Redd was pressed for time, being that practice with the Bucks in Milwaukee had run long. He had an appointment in Chicago, and refused to be late.

Valley sports legend and prostate cancer survivor Jerry Colangelo urges men to get life-saving screenings. More than 4,000 Arizona men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011.

Semi-retirement notwithstanding, legendary Valley sports and entertainment mogul, Jerry Colangelo, has a full lineup card. Jerry Colangelo says he’s tried to back away from the spotlight. It just hasn’t worked. “People ask me what I’m doing now that I’m retired,” Colangelo says from his office near the Arizona Biltmore. “But I’m as busy as I’ve

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