Quick, answer this question: The Phoenix Suns would not be in the Western Conference finals Monday without . . . ?

No. It’s not Amar’e Stoudemire.

Nope, not Steve Nash either.

Steve Kerr? Uh-uh.

Robert Sarver? No siree bob.

Give up?

It’s simple. The Suns would not be in the conference finals Monday without Jerry Colangelo.

The fact is, without Colangelo, there might not even BE a Phoenix Suns.

Colangelo moved here in 1968 to become the expansion Suns’ first general manager, the youngest (at 29) in professional-sports history. He saved the franchise in 1987, when the team suffered through a drug scandal. He brought in the kind of quality players that got the team to the league finals in 1976 and again in 1993. Without Colangelo, the Suns – and the city of Phoenix – would be something very different. And not quite as good.

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