Valley sports legend and prostate cancer survivor Jerry Colangelo urges men to get life-saving screenings. More than 4,000 Arizona men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011.

Semi-retirement notwithstanding, legendary Valley sports and entertainment mogul, Jerry Colangelo, has a full lineup card. Jerry Colangelo says he’s tried to back away from the spotlight. It just hasn’t worked. “People ask me what I’m doing now that I’m retired,” Colangelo says from his office near the Arizona Biltmore. “But I’m as busy as I’ve

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When Jerry Colangelo emerged as a driving force behind the effort to bring Major League Baseball to the Valley, George Steinbrenner was among his bigger supporters. Later, when Colangelo was an actual competitor, the relationship wasn’t so friendly.

Quick, answer this question: The Phoenix Suns would not be in the Western Conference finals Monday without . . . ? No. It’s not Amar’e Stoudemire. Nope, not Steve Nash either. Steve Kerr? Uh-uh.

Jerry Colangelo had it rough. A boy in a blue-collar world, he often left home with a salt shaker in his pocket. That way, when his stomach growled, he could swipe a tomato from a neighborhood garden and fix himself lunch.

Jerry Colangelo had total control to build the USA Basketball team into a not only a gold medal-winning group, but as importantly, something Americans could be proud of. He did it. Thanks in equal parts to the talent of superstar players, the wisdom of coaches, and the plan Jerry created and stuck to. When you

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The USA Basketball Executive Committee has named Phoenix Suns Chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo to the newly-created position of Managing Director of the USA Basketball Senior Men’s National Team program for the 2005-2008 quadrennium, USA Basketball President Val Ackerman announced today at a press conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Arizona Sports bandwagon was traveling at full throttle during a 10-day period in early January.

It seemed as if almost every Valley resident had suddenly caught hockey fever. And for those who had not yet caught the bug, local television anchors, as well as an editorial in The Arizona Republic, reminded them that they should come out and support their beloved Phoenix Coyotes, an 8-year-old team with one of the lowest attendance records in the National Hockey League.